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A site dedicated to those seeking information about weight loss. We've gathered a cross-section of articles and links that will help you sort through all the clutter and bad information on the Internet, save you time and help you find clarity around a sometimes confusing topic.

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We exercise editorial opinion but we have no particular axe to grind other than the anti yo-yo dieting bias reflected in the name of the site.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better Information. Better Decisions.

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Bariatric Surgery. How well does it work?

The world of sustained weight loss is roughly divided into two camps.

The diet and exercise camp that provides a long term solution for a small minority of highly committed people. And the bariatric surgery camp that works for almost everyone with a modest level of commitment.

For those needing to shed significant excess weight, bariatric surgery is the only option that consistently delivers positive outcomes.

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Choosing the best Bariatric Procedure for you.

When it comes to bariatric surgery, things have changed a lot in the last 20 years. 

Today there are multiple well-proven procedures to choose from; the Gastric Sleeve, the Gastric Bypass (Roux-en Y ), the Mini Gastric Bypass, and the Lap-Band System are the most common surgical weight loss options. 

Which one is right for you? 

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Fear of the unknown... it's only human.

Almost everyone is a bit afraid of surgery, no matter how minor a procedure might be. It's completely natural. The whole idea is stressful. For you... and your family.

But if you're hesitant about undergoing weight loss surgery due to nervousness, you're depriving yourself of a potentially life changing opportunity. Here's some insights into risk factors specific to bariatric surgical procedures.

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Is Having Surgery In Mexico A Real Alternative?

Are Canadian and U.S.doctors the only skilled Bariatric surgeons in the world? Of course not. No matter where you're thinking of having surgery, finding the right surgeon and hospital combination is the most important step in performing prudent due diligence.

According to this Study of Global Bariatric Tourism, "Mexico dominated the number of Bariatric surgeries for tourists". There are good reasons for this.

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Loose Skin Following Major Weight Loss.

When you lose a lot of weight, you end up with extra skin. It's no longer needed, but it doesn't go away on its own. 

You'll have achieved a better state of health –– you'll feel better, have more energy, be more mobile and feel more confident dressed for a day at work or a night out. But underneath your clothes, you'll still have more skin than you need for your new body shape.

What can you do?

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When is it time to consider a surgical weight loss option?

Each of us has a tipping point. Maybe it's a health crisis. Maybe it's the moment we admit that nothing we've tried so far has worked. Maybe it's just a moment when we look ahead and see more of the same. We want to rid ourselves of our weight problems...but feel powerless. 

For the first time we open our minds to the possibility of bariatric surgery. We've heard it's effective. What do we need to know?

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