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A site dedicated to those seeking information about weight loss. We've gathered a cross-section of articles and links that will help you sort through all the clutter and bad information on the Internet, save you time and help you find clarity around a sometimes confusing topic.

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We exercise editorial opinion but we have no particular axe to grind other than the anti yo-yo dieting bias reflected in the name of the site.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better Information. Better Decisions.

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When diet and exercise just aren't enough. What's next?

Virtually all weight loss approaches focus on the very sensible strategy of combining exercise with eating smaller portions and making better food choices. 

But without help, limiting yourself to small portions of the right foods is a struggle most people can’t maintain over the long haul. And when you're significantly overweight, even a small amount of exercise can seem like climbing Mt. Everest.

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The pitfalls and residual effects of yo-yo dieting.

Dieting. Succeeding. Then regaining the weight you lost. Trying again. Losing weight. Regaining the weight you lost.

It’s frustrating, it’s physically hard on you and it can lead to even more weight gain as your body bounces back and forth. It’s known as yo-yo dieting. It’s definitely not a healthy approach to achieving sustained weight loss and a healthier life.

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Medically supervised diets. What's the deal?

Medically supervised weight loss programs offered by specialized weight loss clinics and select hospitals can be very effective for some people with aggressive weight loss goals.

But they are expensive, require substantial time commitment and a ton of motivation... it's tough to stick to a regimen of about 1,000 calories daily for an extended period. 

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Cost comparisons that may surprise you.

The cost of "branded" weight loss programs you see advertised on television can really add up over time. 

How do they compare with the one-time cost of weight loss surgery? 

This total cost comparison chart might surprise you.

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Fruit is nature's food. It's got to be good for you right?

Fruit is good for you right? Lots of vitamins and fibre –– an apple a day keeps the doctor away and all that. But fruit has naturally occurring sugars as well, so are they all good? 

How much fruit should you eat? Which fruit is best for dieting?  Are there fruits that should be avoided? Compare the glycemic index of some common fruits here.

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Loose Skin Following Major Weight Loss.

When you lose a lot of weight, you end up with extra skin. It's no longer needed, but it doesn't go away on its own. 

You'll have achieved a better state of health –– you'll feel better, have more energy, be more mobile and feel more confident dressed for a day at work or a night out. But underneath your clothes, you'll still have more skin than you need for your new body shape.

What can you do?

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