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A site dedicated to those seeking information about weight loss. We've gathered a cross-section of articles and links that will help you sort through all the clutter and bad information on the Internet, save you time and help you find clarity around a sometimes confusing topic.

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We exercise editorial opinion but we have no particular axe to grind other than the anti yo-yo dieting bias reflected in the name of the site.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better information. Better decisions.

Better Information. Better Decisions.

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Fear of the unknown... it's only human.

Almost everyone is a bit afraid of surgery, no matter how minor a procedure might be. It's completely natural. The whole idea is stressful. For you... and your family.

But if you're hesitant about undergoing weight loss surgery due to nervousness, you're depriving yourself of a potentially life changing opportunity. Here's some insights into risk factors specific to bariatric surgical procedures.

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