Fear - it's only human

Even something as simple as having your tonsils out makes most normal person nervous. And why not? There are risks involved in even the most routine procedures. Yet every day tens of thousands of people undergo a wide variety of different surgeries simply because the benefits far outweigh any associated risk. 

Bariatric surgery is no different. Risk factors are comparable to other commonplace procedures; "although metabolic surgery is similarly safe compared to commonly performed operations such as gallbladder surgery, there are still risks of complications"  June 2016 Issue | Diabetes Care

It is important to accept that if you are very overweight, the health risks you face every single day are far greater than those of any commonplace surgical procedure (weight loss surgery or otherwise). 

Harbouring anxiety about surgery is understandable. Hospital and clinics are mysterious, even scary places. For the most part it is fair to say that they are the exact opposite of calming and cozy. 

Try to be realistic about your fears and concerns, get advice from various sources and ask questions to get a good understanding of the procedure you've chosen. The most important thing is to have trust in the team who will handle your surgery and look after you while you're recovering. 

Advice about choosing the right program: We don't provide recommendations at yoyono.ca, but here are some things to consider: 

The best options are complete packages that provide nutritional advice, coaching, webinars and support groups with former patients to help put your mind at ease. The very best will include a robust After Care program to support  you through the entire weight loss journey. Bargain clinics will charge extra for After Care, while others may include only a one year period. Top clinics offer 5 years After Care at no additional cost. After Care is very important, so make sure exactly what you're getting. 

Advice about selecting a surgeon: look for one with the very best reputation you can find. Ratings from many medical info sites are often not curated –– anyone can post anything –– which means they are not necessarily very accurate. Referrals from reliable people you know are best. Some of the premier clinics and hospitals have ambassador programs where people who have had the procedure you are considering are available directly and will share their experiences.

Opinion: One thing to keep in mind –– this is not the time or place for bargain hunting. Go for the best, most experienced surgical team you can afford. You're concentration should be focussed on achieving your weight loss goal and getting your life back on track. You shouldn't have to worry about your surgeon and support team. And nobody on the table is ever reassured with the thought "I got the cheapest deal". 

It's your body... and you're worth it. Just sayin' eh.

Some common fears people have over weight loss surgery:

What if I can’t stick to a new diet and I gain all my weight back?

Will my food tastes change? 

How do I get rid of the extra skin after surgery? Will I need plastic surgery or liposuction? 

The surgery and recovery will be difficult, how will I manage the pain? 

I’ll look so different, will I like it? What if others don’t? Could this affect my marriage? 

How will weight loss surgery affect me when I’m older? 

What if I get sick in the future? Will this make things more complicated?

Will surgery limit the things I can do? 

Could I develop eating disorders or become malnourished? 

What if my family and friends don’t support my decision to have weight loss surgery? 

How will my body look different immediately after my surgery? Scaring?

What if the ailments caused by my obesity don’t get any better?

Will I have to be on more medications? 

What if there are complications during surgery? Could die if they screw up?

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