Bariatric surgery should be considered after other means of weight loss have been unsuccessful. Typically, an individual seeking weight loss surgery has tried multiple diet and exercise programs with some degree of success but has been unable to maintain the weight loss for a sustained period.

No big surprise... most people who change their diet and exercise habits in order to lose weight will eventually regain what they've lost (Diabetes Canada-June 2015).

Some people get so frustrated with such up and down yo-yo dieting that they just give up. Others persist all their lives –– doing the same things they've tried before but expecting different results. Neither is a route to a healthier, happier life.

The time to consider weight loss surgery is once you've satisfied yourself that every traditional diet program you've ever tried has failed to work for you –– but you're not prepared to throw in the towel.

All modern weight loss procedures have one thing in common –– they really work. And they offer solutions that last.

You still have to work at it. It doesn't do it all itself. Most excess weight will be shed fairly quickly, you will be satisfied with smaller portions of food and any half-way reasonable diet-exercise routine will keep weight off. 

Depending on what procedure you end up choosing is of less importance than the fundamental life-altering decision to open your mind to modern weight loss procedures. 

Selecting the right bariatric surgeon to help you decide what surgical option is best for you is next.