For the vast majority of people seeking to lose a significant amount of weight bariatric surgery consistently delivers positive outcomes. For the vast majority of people seeking a sustainable weight loss solution bariatric surgery consistently delivers positive outcomes.

All the traditional diet programs you see advertised, the diet programs you read about in newspapers or magazines, the diet programs you find on the Internet, the can't miss diet programs recommended by friends or the latest, diet fads on your favorite talk show, just don't work for most people, most of the time. In fact, according to Diabetes Canada (March 2015), 95% of people who change their exercise or eating habits to lose weight, eventually gain it back. Sad but true. 

So why is there always so much media coverage around weight loss programs? Well first; because it's a problem shared by millions of people. And second; because they're a guaranteed audience... always watching, reading, listening, searching for a solution that will make their life better. The number of people looking for an answer never declines... it only grows. 

In turn, the continued media profile of traditional diet and exercise programs fuels belief that they can solve weight problems despite evidence that such approaches do not work for most people, most of the time (bless those few of you able to make traditional programs work long-term –– this post is obviously not for you).

So to reiterate, modern weight loss procedures work well. Indeed, if you have a significant amount of excess weight to lose, bariatric surgery is the only option that consistently delivers positive outcomes. 

The real hurdle in Canada is getting access to bariatric surgery within the public health care system where most forms of 'elective surgery' have long waitlists. In Canada, it seems to be: It's free (yeah), but it's not likely to happen anytime soon (boo).

An alternative to multi-year waitlists is private clinics which offer state of the art facilities, experienced bariatric surgeons and nursing teams, the most modern surgical procedures and extensive After Care programs. The catch is, you have to pay for your surgery –– it is not covered by provincial healthcare plans.

Is it worth it? Well if you can afford it, it is, no doubt. Proven safe, effective and sustainable weight loss procedures without bureaucracy or waitlists. 

If you can't afford it, get on a list within the public healthcare system wait it out. Weight loss surgery is very effective.