The Study of Global Tourism was conducted by The National Centre for Biotechnology Information, a respected Canadian organization.

The positives associated with having Bariatric surgery in Mexico might start with cost savings but that would be true of most Medical Tourism destinations. It's proximity to the United Staes and Canada definitely plays a part as well. 

But those things only come into play if people feel confident that the care they'll receive equates to what they could reasonably expect in their home country.

Will the results be the same? Are the risks associated with the surgery higher? What kind of doctors do they have? Are the hospitals up to the standards we expect? How will I be treated? How will I communicate?

There is little question that the availability of experienced surgeons and modern hospitals in Mexico, a long track record of safety, along with excellent word-of-mouth from satisfied patients, is what has built the country's dominance in Bariatric surgery tourism. That, and the sense that you're more likely to be treated like a guest than just another patient number. 

You can definitely save a substantial chunk of money by having your Bariatric surgery in Mexico. But that's only relevant if you find the right surgeon and medical facility for you. Just like anywhere else.

This site may be helpful. It's a Canadian Medical Tourism company who apparently handle arrangements for Bariatric surgery in Mexico. They look pretty solid but please check them out yourself: