The need to live in the real world and break the yo-yo dieting cycle is one of our passionately held beliefs here at yoyono (hence the name of the site LOL).

If you have the propensity to gain weight but are trying hard to fight it and find your way to a healthier life, it's almost certain that you've tried numerous methods to lose excess weight. It's also quite likey that you've had some degree of success –– only to eventually re-gain the weight you worked so hard to lose.

Losing weight only to gain it back can take a toll on your self esteem. But it's also very hard on your body. And the 'bounce back effect means that your body immediately tries to get back to your highest weight because even though excess weight has negative effects on many of your body's systems (heart, kidney, liver etc.) your body actually seems to "like" the fat reserves you once had and wants to get back to that higher weight as fast as it can. Making it even harder to fight weight re-gain.

The question becomes, How many times will you repeat the same diet approaches only to experience the same heart-breaking results? 

One popular definition of insanity is to do the same things today as you did yesterday but expect the results to be different.

Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is harder still. The plain fact is that the vast majority of people who change their eating and exercise habits in order to lose weight will eventually gain it back. Blame it on upbringing, blame it on the 'fat' gene, blame it on whatever. 

Sustainable solutions.The bottom line is that if you have significant weight to lose and have been unable to lose or maintain previous weight losses, you probably have to look beyond conventional diet programs for more sustainable solutions that do not rely solely on a lifetime of extreme will-power for success. 

Yes, we're talking about weight loss surgery here –– an option that was once considered for only extreme cases but has now become much more common-place with multiple options covering a range of individual needs. Check out some of the modern surgical weight loss procedures elsewhere on

It could be the time for a change in approach.